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Veritiv invests in top tier warehouse management, inventory management and replenishment systems – putting our assets to work for you.

With our value-added solutions, we help you manage seasonal spikes, promotions, new market testing, and other planned and unpredictable impacts to your business. We also help you avoid charge-back fees from grocery, big box and club stores.

Tap into our 20,000,000 square feet of warehouse storage. We have space.

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Warehousing services

A pick and pack success story. Discover how high-volume fulfillment led to high-volume savings for a large parcel carrier customer.


Optimize your supply chain, get closer to your customers and expand into new markets with our warehousing solutions.

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Grey Up Bootie Freed Warm Up Warm Freed Grey Freed Bootie Cross-docking

Kitting and consolidation

Inventory management

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Storage – With warehouse locations across North America, we’re everywhere you need to be.

Fulfillment – Pick and ship products directly to your customers – from full pallets to individual items.

Cross-docking – Ship full truckloads to our distribution centers and create smaller, final mile loads.

Kitting and consolidation – We offer labeling, sorting, re-packaging, kitting and assembly.

Inventory management – Know what you have on hand, at all times.


Grey Up Freed Warm Warm Freed Bootie Freed Bootie Up Grey Much like the product inside, your packaging needs to perform – from concept to destination. That’s why we combine the best ideas, optimum materials, cutting-edge equipment, proven processes and original designs to maximize its success.

No matter if you need to speed up production, or captivate buyers at the shelf, we’re equipped to solve your most complex packaging challenges.

Materials & sourcing  |  Design & engineering  |  Supply chain logistics  |
Equipment  |  Sustainability

Aesthetically pleasing yet effortlessly functional. Learn how we elevate your brand with smarter package design.


Your distinctiv benefits:

Cash management

Expansive footprint

Focus on core operations

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Cash management – With our variable cost structure there are no major upfront investments, no minimum requirements and no long-term contracts required.

Expansive footprint – Warehouse locations across North America.

Focus – Leave warehousing to us so you can focus your teams and capital investments on core operations.

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