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Universal understands all of your product storage and material handling requirements; we will implement the necessary processes and procedures to serve you. Universal specializes in the custom design and implementation of strategic supply chain solutions — we view each client’s challenge as a unique equation.

We employ the latest technology-enabled processes, coupled with the highest standards in quality, service levels, and statistical process controls to provide you with a dependable, controllable infrastructure to improve your service and reduce your costs.

Warehousing Processes

We perform comprehensive warehousing processes, including:

Inventory Management

  • Location Control and Accounting
  • Serialized Inventory Tracking
  • Electronic Kanban, Automatic Reordering, and Backorder Queuing
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting
  • Complete Inventory Visibility (multi-facility)
  • Replenishment Planning and Ordering
  • Returns Processing

Warehouse Work Processes

  • Receiving and Pre-receiving (including lot and serial-number capture)
  • Repacking
  • Putaway Processing and Dynamic Slotting
  • Picking and Packing (multiple pick and inventory queuing strategies)
  • Staging, Loading, and Shipment, including Shipment Documentation

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  • Labor and Wave Planning
  • Work-load Planning
  • Task Management


To optimize inventory management, we support multiple business strategies concurrently. We support manual, RF-assisted, and RF-directed processing. We can create labels on the floor, or other key locations, for greatest accuracy and efficiency, and labels can be customized to any specification. We provide numerous specialized capabilities, including:


employs native camera and video capabilities to capture images for proof of Damage, Shortage, or Packaging discrepancies

Electronic Shelf Labels

wirelessly updates rack and min/max tags

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displays hot order information, sequence bank data, line rates, manpower statics, and other pertinent operational data

We manage and operate some of the largest, highest velocity material handling centers in North America. We support warehouses within our own, and customer-owned or leased facilities.

Caramel Caramel Freeform Freeform Freeform Capezio Capezio Caramel Capezio FF01 FF01 Capezio Freeform Capezio Caramel FF01 FF01 Our Warehousing solutions can dramatically reduce your costs and improve your facilities’ productivity!

Documented Success

Universal delivers, and we have documented cases and economics to prove it. We also have scores of satisfied customers who will provide you with superb references.

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