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When Avengers: Infinity War was released we saw it smash records, it made $1 billion(£745,390,000Girls Run Huarache Gs Nike Gs Nike Run Huarache ) in what felt like two minutes, we realised Mark Ruffalo spoiled the ending last year and there was a hilarious meme too.

And now that all the fuss is simmering down attention is turning to the next film at a rapid pace. Just when the team thought they deserved a break, not around here.

The film's sequel, Avengers 4, is thought to be released in May next year and it's due to be another long one.


After Thanos' massacre in Avengers: Infinity War, fans are expecting to see the remaining Avengers undo the hard work and word has it that the untitled sequel could last even longer than the first instalment in Marvel's two-part Avengers movie, according to Epicstream.

And Infinity War was two hours 40 minutes. Never mind the popcorn, we'll need to take our dinner into the cinema at this rate.

According to directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, the film could very well be much, much longer than Infinity War, telling Collider that fans could probably be looking at a three-hour-long run for Avengers 4. Blimey.

Joe Russo said: "It's pretty long. I don't want to say how long it is because people tend to get really excited. Also, I don't know that you can really call it a rough cut, it's more of an assembly."

Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios

Even though the director teased the possibility of a three-hour film, he also warns fans not to expect too much because they're the kind of directors who are 'very hard on the material'. C'mon guys.

He added: "We like it to play at a certain pace, so I'm sure we'll squeeze it. We have a whole year of work left in that movie. I do think it'll be longer than Nike Huarache Huarache Gs Run Gs Girls Nike Run Avengers 3."

Infinity War was released in the UK on April 26 and people up and down the country were losing their shit big time.

There was a helluva lot of drama - with the screenwriters killing off what felt like 95 percent of the cast. And that could all be due to change in the highly anticipated follow-up film.

But it comes at a price and that price will be our oh so precious time. But we're sure it'll be worth it and some.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios

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Rebecca Shepherd

Huarache Gs Huarache Run Run Girls Nike Nike Gs Rebecca Shepherd is a Journalist at LADbible. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class BA in Journalism. Becky previously worked as Chief Reporter at Cavendish Press, supplying news and feature stories to national newspapers and women's magazines.

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